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They talk, they hide in fear of me.
They fear that I will find their whisper,
Seek their faults, shout no surrender,
Until their gossip, dead and lonely, be
And until then, I wait and see
What lies, conjured, will whither
And which shall stand, not quivered,
And break me down to the soles of my feet.
Their lies are such, their minds creative
Believing what they will, knowing no truth.
Seeking refuge in the rubble, their broken selves captive
To the great powers that I be.
Then, I say, let them talk in rue
Let them hide from me; they are nothing to me.
For they cannot harm me
Any more than they have due
And through my sorrow, they shall cease
To love the man they know and love,
Me: I am no longer myself
But a shadow, lurking in the darkness above
This land, cursed beyond the lift
Of God, now knowing no freedom.
These people, they know not of the pain
And sacrifice I have endured for my heart's kingdom
Of light, and shadows, lo' they disappear
But now they arrive with guns and spears
Awaiting me in the form of words and tears
Behind my back, the portal of despair.
What lies may strike me, fear knows not
But of the action recurring, it ceases to know
Of the pain, suffering, and sorrow
Wailed by the walls of my heart.


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