The Gossamer Threads


How fragile are the gossamer threads of life

that tie us to this earthly realm?

A single strand has snapped and my world has unravelled.

For you have broken free of your earthly bounds

and passed into a place of peace,

whilst I am left, bereft

and wailing at a world that carries on turning

heedless of the aching void

at the centre of my being.

They say time will heal.

And perhaps they are right.

But for now, I want to hurt.

I want to rail against the injustice

that has parted us too soon.

I want to tear at my face and scream

that my heart is shattered into a thousand pieces.

Because embracing the pain

is the price I have to pay for loving you so fiercely.

And I want you to know that I would endure

the agony of parting, a thousand-fold,

for the time we had together.



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