Goodness is a curse

If only i had, not even one bad habit,
I could have claimed my life as legit;
As i mention, keep its track,
In no way is it a personal attack.

Hurt me once, twice or thrice,
I will not transform into an ice;
I would rather offer you forgiveness,
Even after, you repeatedly create a mess.

I will love you more than you deserve, 
Blissfully adoring your facial curve;
When you hurt me, tears well up in my eyes,
Then i feel like, it was a useless sacrifice.

There is this one thing, i just can't do,
The act of pretending and ignoring too;
Initially i might dislike you for hurting me,
Disturbed by your act, i shall never be.

Everytime, being nice to others,
Is when goodness feels like a curse;
You will be taken for granted,
That is when, quite a few people are enchanted.

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Our world
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