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It was on an usual August day
This story is not easy to say
Without getting all teary eyed
Knowing it was my last goodbye

I knew it from the ring of the phone
The person speaking though was unknown
I knew it from my grandma's expression
It was full of depressing devastation

I felt a shiver down my back
I felt a mini heart attack
I knew something was wrong; no doubt at all
I sat there wondering what was said on the call
Wondering that person who called may be
Wondering if what they said would affect me

Soon my mom comes to the door
This is one of the worst things i've had to endure
She kneeled down in front of me
Told me the sorrowful news and said "I'm sorry"

At first I was stunned then broke down in tears
Death was always one of my greatest fears
Death is horrible- the worst thing of all
Especially when you hear from that terrifying call
When you get, you'll always break down and cry
Mainly because you have realized it's Goodbye

It was two people- my uncle and aunt
It is something no one would ever want
To lose someone you loved
Because of an accident someone else caused

My aunt- her name was Jarelyn
The best she was; I don't know where to being
She was always there for me
Now her I will never see

My uncle was the other person I lost
The person who took their lives never paid the cost
My uncle was fun and full of jokes
When I heard he was gone, I just choked

The way their lives were taken
Was from one of the deadliest creations
A car crashed right into them because of a driver's mistake
He ran through a red light, couldn't he just wait?

This man must live with the guilt of what he did to my family and I
The least he could do is apologize.
He knows what it did was wrong
And this he will know for very long

Some people might say it was destiny
But all I ask is "God why did you take them from me?
"Why couldn't you keep him here?"
"Why did you have me shed these many tears?"

You took them from me and I don't know what to do
My feelings now resemble the color blue
I miss them so much and
My heart feels torn apart

I can't believe they're gone forever
The time I had with them I will forever treasure
When I think about them I want to cry
But I know it's already Goodbye

Guys, I wish we were still all together
But just know, I will miss you forever
I am so sorry we had to part this way
But just know we will meet again one day <3

In Remembrance of Jarelyn Lopez and Hector Lopez

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