That old house reminds me of you.
The wind brushed around my neck,
sending the fragrance of honey roasted nuts up pass my scarf, to my nostrils and up to my brain
It triggered memories.
I need a refill
& not of the sin that lies within the glass but my nails
I've bitten them beyond the paint and diamond designs
Trying to understand why.
why God?
Why are connections built only to have them torn down?
Why is hair grown only to have it shaved?
Why is the grass brown on the other side,
But Your people tell me otherwise.
Not a green strand in sight.
I guess thats why i am accustomed to goodbyes.
Not those goodbyes i let exit my lips on the days that i knew the person was leaving
but goodbyes i never got to say.
Goodbyes i thought were not neccessary.
But life sure has a way of reminding you.
It reminds us that one day and sour goodbye will have to roll off our lips.
get used to the taste.
I take that back.
No matter how many times i get to say goodbye
The taste is a heartbreaker.
The mouth of my heart gags.


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