The Good Things

A healthy soul, a healthy mind
To a healthy body bind
A twist of fate ever entwined
In the arms of those who find:
A feather pure as gold.

What is this feather? Pure and sweet,
The brush of skin from those we meet
On a crowded train, a busy street,
Where kindness is a common feat:
A smile so sincere.

A smile is a soundless ovation,
With beauty that’s so much it’s never rationed
It is the artist’s inspiration
Upon the canvas of the nation
Can you hear the bells?

The bells of liberty are ringing,
Like a herald they are bringing
Those to whom goodness is clinging
Safe from life’s bitter stinging
They never stand alone.

Stand alone? We never will,
Because we are united still
When joined we are too tough to kill
We feel as we deserve to feel:
Loved, treasured, and adored.


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