Good Ole' Murrica

Good ole' murrica,

Are you Serious Right Now?

How can you make me feel dehumanized?

To the injustices YOU commit daily, weekly, and monthly?

How can you preach diversity and Pro-Life?

When you shun different ideas and beliefs?

How can you pledge nationalism and patriotism?

When you hate and kill anybody that ain't white?



But good ole' murrica!

I used to think of the land like a honey bun,

So sweet, my joy shined brighter than the Sun,

But with the click of a gun,

Someone loss their son,

I try to get away, to run,

Only to be spun,

Around, where there lives no fun,

As tear-streaked faces grieve because Trump won.


But good ole' murrica!

I have no experience here,

My shouts and screams bounce off of blocked ears,

I live and sleep in never-ending fears,

Never knowing when my end is near,

When will Amerikkka accept the pain my ancestors endeared,

The loss and grievances that never truly disappeared,

What experience do I have besides the "Usual"?


But good ole murrica!

I heard Kendrick spit Humble,

How can I rest when my world crumbles?

When trigger happy cops lose control of their hands like fumbles,

When light is shined on privilege, the privileged grumble?

The rage and hunger for equity in my mind is a complete jumble,

So instead of strong and proud,

I feel weak and can barely speak above a mumble?

I will not refrain from what needs to be said,


You lied to us,

Telling us we were free,

We were citizens,

We were equals,

Just to see how fast we would flee,

Just to jump back into your clutches, 

Your games, 

Your manipulation,

Your oppression...


...Ain't nothing change but the chains...

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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