Good Night poem.

Midnight passed by two minutes,

Got beats in my head ticking,

And words are lip syncing to the beat. Create a melody.

One, two three rhymes. Bittersweet symphony, makes your heart ache like ecstasy.

It ain’t a drug, it is not love.

Just a heart, giving me a shove.

Exam at 10 AM, it’s grammar and I don’t know shit.

I will write something tho, because I am, lit.

And I actually know, but I pretend I don’t.

It eases my anxiety, so I just play along.

It is kinda sad, I don’t mind it anymore

I am used to it, It has become a routine for me

Makes me feel kinda hardcore.

It is past my bedtime, but somewhat cant get any sleep

I even tried to count the sheep!

Didn’t work, moved on another animal, didn’t do the job.

I will turn my computer off, and weep until my eyes fell off.

Two minutes turned into twenty,

That’s where my life went until now.

Turn my head right and left and just laugh.
It feels like a moment ago, It’s almost an hour.

I should get some sleep if I don’t want tomorrow to be sour.  

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