Good Mourning

Death is a spontaneous phenomenon.

One cannot be prepared for death, although you might think so.
Position the casket if you must and have your farewells at hand.
Anticipate death, but you will never be ready.
Because death is a quiet thing, even if the approach was monstrous
For no dead body is stirring in the grave.
Anticipate death, but you will never be ready. 
Because death is an emotional ache. 
The agony you feel when you realize that person has concluded their walk on this place.
The nausea that bubbles in your belly and reaches your throat; you will never be able to see them again.
And then you start to hear their whisper in the sounds of nature,
Feel their presence on a cold winters day,
Stumble across them in the music you’re playing.
You look up to the heavens and can almost see their face.
Anticipate death, but you will never be ready. For it is only Gods time and place.
Dedicated to my dearest friend Daeshawn Posey. January 6th, 2014.
Rest In Peace, I love you, forever. <3


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