Good morning did you hear the news?

Celebrities always talking about how the government spending money on wars but they to busy spending money on whores. So concerned about our youth dying but don't see no videos of how to keep them inspired.

Teach me how to twerk but can't show me how school work.

I understand you have to live your life but I'm out here trying to fight, fight for something other than race and political space. I'm fighting for my generation and all the young men and women facing incarceration.

Martin said he had a dream, but awoke to muffled screams of his people being silenced. Well not me, I'm gonna be! I'm the next Mohammed Ali lyrically.

Wait and see soon the world gonna wish it kept around people like me!

Facebook hitters never wanna like a real niggas post but will cAuse commotion about the news next hoax and that's real. Propaganda will get us killed faster than a new mix tape from meek mills.

Y'all don't hear me.

By: Breyonna Dowdell-Wilbourn

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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