Good Morning Babe


Good morning babe.

The sun isn't shining yet,

but my eyes are shining for you.

The wind isn't beating yet,

but my heart is beating for you.

The world isn't breathing yet,

but my lungs are breathing for you.

The people aren't racing yet,

but my legs are racing for you.

The traffic isn't stuck yet,

but my mind is stuck on you.

The world isn't bad yet,

but I've got it bad for you.

A lie hasn't been told yet,

but I'm lying next to you.

A truth has yet to come,

but I'm truly in love with you.

A smile hasn't been given yet,

but I'm smiling for you.

Love hasn't been shared yet,

but I'm sharing mine with you.

A tear hasn't been shed yet,

but I'll cry so you don't have to.

A poem hasn't been written yet,

so I wrote this one for you.



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