Good Game

Slam, Dunk, and Hook

Basketball is a way of life.

Eat, sleep, breath, basketball.

Go out there, play your very hardest.

Play harder next time.

We are untouchable, immortal high above the clouds.

As long as we give it our all nothing can go wrong.

moving in ways we didn't know we could, straining to reach the net just out of our grasp.

As we play we are in our own little world, invincible, untouchable.

Nothing can bring us down.

We command the court, everything is as we want it to be.

Yearning to make the basket, just to get ahead.

SWISH! Gotta play. Gotta win.



This was a fun poem, and shows that you are very passionate about basketball. It also shows that you are able to combine your love of basketball with writing poetry, which is great.

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