Good day and Goodbye

Good day my beloved   

Tell me dear,

What do you fear?

Seems as if it’s love

Scared that I fit like a glove?


Even though you forgot about me,

I still remember how you used to be,

To good to be true,

Should have know fakeness is you.


That time that you claimed I was the one

Felt as if the lottery I won,

The way you said your sweet talks,

Replayed in my mind like a music box.


You succeeded in doing your part

You are the wanted criminal that broke my heart ,

Even I am also to blame,

For I left my heart unprotected for you to aim.


But don’t worry my friend,

The broken heart I will mend,

Even If I’m alone

My heart will once again turn into stone.


With this I leave you for good,

I told you everything I could,

Your memories are hard like punches,

But soon they will fade faster than ashes.


                                                                                         Goodbye my lost love,



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