Good-bye to Childhood

I held you close to me and tried to memorize your hug

Your arms around me and mine around you, I tried to cling to the details 

And pressing my lids to my eyes, I tried to lock away the memory in a place I wouldn't loseit

Surely this wouldn't be our last hug, but it was going to be the last one before everything changed

Memories of us

Us in our awkward years

Odd haircuts and features still too young to be attractive

Smiles with teeth we haven't grown into yet

They all flood through my mind

Memories of us laughing, being silly, being strange, building a friendship that makes it hurt to let go of you now

They all come to mind

Rising to the surface and pooling into my eyes

I tried to be positive, to smile, but I coul feel the memories spilling onto my cheeks

There is going to be distance between us now

There is going to be scheudles, new people, memories that we didn't create togeher, moments that we didn't partake in for the other

Times that I wish was in

But I know our friendship will survive

Resillient, faithful and loyal, separatable, but unbreakable

You'll always have a home in my heart , purchased with love and years together

It is yours to keep forever


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