Gone by Tomorrow

Gone by Tomorrow

By Abigail


You tear me down, what gives you that right?

Did I ever say, "Here, take over my life?"


You consume my mind with your unhealthy thoughts,

Of confusion and worry, of doubt and of lust.


You hide in the shadows as the sun rises higher,

But creep out to play at dusks next arrival. 


The pain I show them is merely a fraction,

Of the grief and the sorrow that I'll bear tomorrow.


I'm bleeding, I'm pleading. Oh why don't you stop?

I get it. I get it! It's all 'cause I'm not.


My mind slips away as my consciousness fades,

Sudden thoughts of sorrow, regret, more pain.


The dark hole of reality falls upon me in seconds,

A glimpse of the past, the future, the present.


I'm going, I'm leaving. I'm nearly gone.

But all I can think of is how I went wrong.

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