Gone Kid

Once upon a time, there was a kid I used to know. I was a homeless man. I would sleep in a neighborhood park. And there was a kid that used to live in this neighborhood too. I never knew his name, but I did knew quite about him. The kid would bring me apples and bananas because he saw how I was. He would talk to me and tell me about his stories and his beliefs. The kid was an old soul that was tired of society. Society was cruel and bad and distracted. The kid used to tell me how no one really knows who they want to be in this planet. I would always agree. The kid also believed in the supernatural and in science combining both. The following is the little kids words after he disappeared and stopped bringing me apples and bananas and when I never saw him again. It was his words that I found on a piece of paper in the park that I would sleep in. God help this sweet and smart kid: I would like to escape one day when I'm tired of everything and when I'm annoyed by everything and when I'm irritated by everything, to somewhere beyond this universe. The universe is vast. Beautiful stars, beautiful galaxies. It's just mind blowing to think about it. It's so cool when you truly realize that it will never end and it will never stop growing. Sky will never end, infinity will never end. How can it possibly end? If infinity does end one day though, will everything that ever grew be in a box? Or get stopped by some huge wall? Even if that's the case, what is outside the box? What can there be beyond that wall that we hit? How can anything of infinity ever end? I wish I could escape this world like Taylor Granger did.  The unusual, self taught mechanical wizard from Duncan, Vancouver. The eccentric genius that was good at fixing machines and figuring out how machines worked themselves. A man that later on got obsessed with the unknown. He soon later contacted something from out of our Galaxy. The unknown invited the fellow on a interstellar 42 month voyage to explore the universe. Taylor agreed and left all his possessions, including two Wills. The man vanished from the face of the earth on the evening of November 29, 1980. Investigations and searches were held. Even the parents, the mom and the stepfather left the back door of their house open for 4 years, eager waiting for the sons promise back home. He vanished without a trace. Some people believed it to be too good to be true. But no, I believe that he did really leave Earth, and he is out there exploring the everything. I'm jealous of him. Because I wished that was me. Of course I would come back though, to my loving parents and family. Taylor promised to come back and I would so too. He said it would be 42 months but it seems like he is a little late, or way too late. His voyage was supposed to conclude on 1984. But still, nothing. I can feel the parents sadness and feel the broken hearts. I can feel people's thoughts and feelings. I could already feel my own parents too. But I believe that Taylor isn't late at all. He's still out there. But going through the vast universe, there is worm holes, black holes, and different dimensions. Time has to be different. Time can out there be a physical thing. Maybe there's places out there with Physics that is different to our Physics. Or not maybe, I believe there has to be. Dimensions where the laws of physics are totally broken. For example, an hour over there somewhere far can be many years here on Earth. Taylor isn't late. He's probably even just now starting his voyage. I wish I could leave like him sometimes. Leave all the madness and problems and society just like that. To get things out of my head. I wish to contact something too. Maybe I'll try. I just want to see what's out there, and find answers to answer all of my questions. It would be awesome to be in Taylors shoes. Maybe one day I'll contact something unknown, and it'll be Taylor, now him teaching me about the universe. And if that ever happens, I will be ready to make the unknown known. 

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