Gone forever ?

Sat, 05/21/2016 - 11:21 -- LIZFRED

Gone forever


“To whoever finds this message, they erased us this is all that remains. Remember us please”

These were the words written on the stone.

These were the words that made her tremble with fear.

These were the words that made her cherish those who were near.

And it all started with a stone.

A tablet of marble from a time long ago.

From a city in a cave that once held a missing people.

It gave a warning loud to all that now hung from the church steeple.


“They will come back” was the second line written on the stone.

“They will wipe away this planet turn us all to bones”

“If you see them run, run so far away.”

“They come speaking sweet lies and will lead you all astray”

“We are no match for them, no matter how advanced we grow”

“For the humans are truly evil beings eating up the earth as she grows”

“They will wipe away our history, never stopping to think”

“Perhaps intelligent life comes in more forms than they think”

“One day we shall rise and exact our revenge”

“For even though today we die, the Dragon race will rise again”


The young human girl let the sobs pour forth.

They had placed that stone there for all to see the evil they had enforced.

One day the human race would fall but perhaps that wouldn’t be so bad.

After the dragons rise again, all life will be as it had.

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Our world


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