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pond street
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It was a regular winter afternoonThe wind was blowingThe sky pale ,the snow thick on the groundHere i am sitting in my room thinking about my day and what’s to comeNever in a million years would i expect a call that changed my perspective of life As i picked up the phone to gossip to my coousin about my first crush you could imagine the exitement for a 12 year oldbut there she was bawling in tears, barely could respondher cries pierced my ears,echoed into my heart, sending a numbness to my bodyI fell on my knees begging her to tell me that i am dreaming As the tears falling down my cheeks,a rage racing through my body as my emotions getting HighAll i could think about is why??Why would they do that to you?Why would they take you away from me?Is life always this unfair?Auntie please wake up!I’m losing faith, I’m losing strengthYou were gone in an instant ,And all it took was for them to pull a trigger they couldn’t handle a light like you among themI know a gem like you was rare to findThey put a diamond in the dirt and stillyou stayed a diamond.They couldn’t stand for you to shine,they had to dim your light.What now??? I’m supposed to just move on right?I’m supposed to just ACT as if everything is OKAY Because it’s LIFE??If I had the power or the ability to make miracles I would've done it all to bring you  back to life.But the older I get, the more I realize that life is not promised.Just like that a loved one could be gone.As i am talking to my mom and pouring my heart out to hershe turned,looked me straight to my eyes and said"oh my daughter you sure has a lot of growing up to do". 

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