The days past by, one by one,

only memories and what you left behind stay within my grasp,

my smile had a meaning and my eyes are now dull,

you told me you wouldn't leave me behind.

But now you fly, you fly so far away

It still feels like you're here, standing besides me,

standing right behind me,

but when you left upon that fast loud bike,

I knew your safety was no longer within my arms.

Your quirky smile has been drilled into my mind as your eyes could see my soul.

Your funny sense of humor made me laugh even if it wasn't as funny to you,

I miss your arms around my waist

I miss this soft kisses upon my ear

I miss the way your voice told me your feelings.

Hearing that you now lay still upon a metal cold table waiting for your final resting state,

Hearing my heart shatter in a million little pieces,

Knowing that my heart beat is now still and cold, I now only can hold onto our fun filled memories

And smile upon a distant state, hiding the depression that lays within me knowing that now I'll forever have a hole that will slowly and painfully fade away,

My dearest dearest friend, I will forever miss you, even thou you are so far dosent mean you dont have my heart

Goodbye my onced loved. and be free forever more.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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