Mon, 09/19/2016 - 19:22 -- Harlem

there are hundreds of cities and every single oneis filled with thousands upon thousands of people sitting in cow face grinning but also trying real hard not to move because theywill be shot in the heada girl in gaborone cries for a dead pet (she buried it)a boy in canada is instantly engulfed by thirty thousand lakesim still waiting for anything to happen  theres a mother of six in child's poseshe wishes she would just fucking die alreadytheres a tower block in macauactually one thousand tower blocks in macaublocks upon blocks every single one of them is empty(and hundreds of miles tall) theres an audi 80, the bootfilled with spanners and screwdriversa spare tire and a plush duvet sodden with a sons blood(i have no idea if he deserved it) theres a mine in south americastuffed so full of people that theyhave started to agglutinate into an obese crying lumpsweating out flammable gel there's no tomorrow [sic](not a simile)(literally)(there isn't)(there actually isn't a tomorrow) new orleans, limbs flailingand necks whipping viciously in a hurricane of please send help a bomb in vladivostok i cant help but feel paranoidmy organsare trying the eight crooked limbs tobacco from virginiawater recedes to where it was borne looking skywardthe southern hemisphere sure is nice this time of year in a hotel lobby in england its 23 years past 12 slowly but unsurely i punch a little boy in the back of the headjust to make sure i can feel  a blooming sensation begins in my throat that i assume issick but its okay its not, its just fear everything is fine and everything is always going to be fineliterally every day forever  and exhale

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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how do i put line breaks in?? :(

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