Going the Distance

You said I can go the distance, but then I think to myself, can I even make it past this barrier that stands sturdy before me. The one that blocks me off from society. What you don't see is your inability to crack open my minds door. Nor can you navigate the maze of my true existence or my real being. I've cut all ties from happiness and I have cut more than the strings that attach us. So how could I ever go the distance, if you knew the full me would you still belive I can change and escape this hell I live in. Would I be able to defeat the pain I endure in solitude? It's overwhelming, I cry screaming into the darkned sky urning to die. Would you say I can still go the distance or would it be to far to travel? So mother of mine, am I going the distance or am I simply running in circles? All I wish is for you to answer that question, but you cannot see that behind the most fake of smiles.

This poem is about: 
My family


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