god's creation


You'll look at a baby's innocent eyes
You'll see it in those clear blue beautiful skies.
The beauty nobody notices until the see it 
We walk on this planet call earth, embracing all god architects
Not realizing as we watch athletes play sports
listen to a genuine person inspire people, or better yet, glorify 
another beautiful day.
God's beauty exists everyday. He brought
forth the lands, waters, and the air
The moment He filled a man's lungs
with precious air that ignites life to his lifeless body
God's beauty existed when that eagle
that soars across the sky with grace
The second another life came
crying into this world, there is a purpose
it's a matter of knowing what it is
You don't have to be a genuis
just a human being to see the beauty of God's creation
To decipher every miraculous miracles
is what takes away the mystery and
witness how god created all
You'll hear it in a baby's sweet laughter.
you smell the aura of leaves falling to the ground
you see it in those clear blue heavenly skies
this is god's creation
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thank you for comment

your comment summed up the idea behind this poem

people are looking for something more, which is ok depending on what it 

but people forget that the the smallest things that is beautiful, people tend to take it for granted

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