A Goddess of a Girl

You told me I couldn't
You told me I can't
I mean how could I dare
When the ideas you plant

The ideas you shove down
My pretty throat try to choke
To fill me up with
The negativity you invoke

Watch me and I come
Watch me as I see
Watch me as I conquer
Become what you couldn't be

Maybe this isn't as pretty
As watching the pink sun rise
Turning the world lilac
A softness that's a lie

But ask Atlas about the
Weight of the world
Which he carries on his
Shoulders, back bent and curled

I am not Atlas
But I carry the weight
Of a million girls who've
Had a worse fate

I do it for her
I do it for me
Getting out of bed is only
The beginning

I'll kiss the sky
And catch stars in my hair
And when I go to bed
The whole world will stare

Alexander won't seem so great
When you behold the world I create

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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