God vs. Gay

We have freedom of religon

So don’t use god as an excuse

That hatred you preach

It’s turning Christianity into a hypocrisy

It’s you who is ignorant

The bible speaks of love

The bible speaks of kindness to everyone

But here you are saying that a man loving a man is condemning him to hell

If you don't have the same religion

Why should they have to follow your religious beliefs

It’s you who say “It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

But maybe that story is insignificant to them

Why do you care if they go to hell, so much that you won't let them be happy.

To be together in public

To be brought together in matrimony.

We live in America

Whats the point of being here if you dont believe in freedom

Youre taking it for granted, isnt that against your beliefs

Being ungrateful

Is it really that you're trying to save them from hell.

If thats true, why aren't you saving buddhists and muslims

Theyre going to hell too right?

For believing in gods that aren't yours

Love is love

but hate is still hate even disguised by religon.

I might not be one of “those people”

But I still support them

Because my values are not those of god

My values are those of good


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