The God-sent Teacher

The wind blows by and takes my heart,

In the clove of years, I am stuck here.

I am not sure what my heart wants;

It's a trench of feelingd trapping me,

I am not sure what my heart wants.

In the deepest corners of my heart,

I see this desire to be understood

How will I ever be understood when,

I am still not sure what my heart wants

That's where comes in this one person,

They were there when I was down

to show me the right way up.

They were just like ev'ryone first,

Then slowly slowly I saw them clear

They were my God-sent in this trench.

I remember that day crystal clear in which,

I was weeping my heart out when,

She came to me by my side.

She listened to me like no one did,

She showed me the truths that I forgot.

Thus my heart was less burdened

and I could see straight once again.

I never thought I'll be able to but,

she told and taught me I was more

than just a being that lived and died.

To this day I still am grateful

that she was there when I was down.

She came to me as a God-sent.

Even though she wasn't clad in white,

She was the teacher that taught me to see me.


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