God gave me a brand new life


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I’d give anything to see you face.
King of Kings, I can’t believe you took my place.
It’s just by grace, that I can stand here and share my faith.
Cuz all the praise belongs to the son. The cause of battles won
He gave his love to be shared with everyone.
He took my shame and my mistakes,
And now I feel great
Cuz he loves us that’s why he suffered
For our mistakes,
Gives us a chance to stand in the light, and all will be alright,
Cuz he fought the devil and won, will you tonight?
He rose from the grave, blew up the stage.
So now we can be saved.
Give God the praise, for he so loved us so he gave.
But if he didn’t then we’d still be the devil’s slaves
And go to hell straight after the grave.
But you got the chance to be free tonight,
If your heart’s willing to put up a fight.
Cuz if you put God in his rightful place,
You will see he’s full of grace.


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