God’s Image on a Faithful Christian

Mon, 05/22/2017 - 13:52 -- j.s.m.w

When you lack the faith to continue but still carry on
Not knowing if God or Jesus ever hears your cries
Not understanding what your doing wrong to deserve everything bad that comes your way
You find yourself wondering if you were ever good enough
Even when they say you were created in his image
They say I'm created in his image
Well then why am I flawed
When God's image is perfect
I doubted myself countless times over
Wondering why God made me so
imperfect in a world full of perfect people
No ones perfect, but that's the way it seemed
She was prettier
And he was smarter
Or she had him
And he had better grades which made for a better life
With everyone around me succeeding it felt like I was the only destined to fail
Not knowing if it was anxiety or depression or just God with trials and tribulations
I prayed and prayed and prayed for everything to go right
It didn't
But they always say He only works on his own time
So I went to church
Though it felt like I was only there to be judged
Felt like my sins were on display
Like my life was only there to be made shame
My life felt like it was seeping through my palms
While no one was there to catch it
Not even My Savior
Brought up in a house where the Lord came first and still does
I was trying to find myself
I did
It's just I wanted you guys to know that even the people whose suppose to know the bible like the back of their hand sometimes lacks the faith to continue
That even the cheeriest people go through rough times
Even if you don't believe you should know that they don't last
Tough times just don't
So when you think they do just remember this poem came from a faithful Christian


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