A sublime being is watching over me,
Calmly offering me peace
And in silence giving me relief;
Easing the pain,
Erasing all fears,
Forgoing all doubts
And everything that’s drear.

This celestial creature I have not met,
Yet tales of Him are often told;
There’s also a book that speaks His tongue
And is embedded with all His thoughts.

Hearing about Him is not sufficient,
My heart yearns for more;
I want to see Him…
I feel His presence though
And it makes me feel at ease,
For there is no greater glory
Than that of knowing He is with me.



I tried coming up with something that inspires me and though I have many things and people that do, the only being that inspires me the most is God. I hope you fellow readers and poets enjoy my take on this subject.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

god is good

nohing wrong with prayer, prayer changes things

this poem clearly reflects your love to god

keep writing-nice poem


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