Goblet of Fire

You got brains and beauty. Might as well call you Hermione

Be my Granger, not a stranger. Come fly with me

But no broomsticks are needed

To Slytherin into our Chamber of Secrets


This room's only requirements are me and you

And what we could do

I'm hoping I'm your chosen one like Ginny Weasley's boo

My point is you have all these good points...so the House Cup goes to you!


You're a wicked chick

So with a swish and flick

Alohomora's what you did to my heart

While I'm Severus

You're Lily Evans 'cause

You didn't know, but I've loved you from the start


These other magicians are no competition

You cast your Stunning Spell on me with charm so bewitchin'

Veritaserum? No need: I'm no liar

'Cause, for you, my heart is a Goblet of Fire.

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