Goal Digger

I Just Want To Be Straight 

Make Sure My Family Good  

Don't Want No Should Of Could's

Or Be Living In The Hood 

Understand I Got Dreams 

A Million Aspirations 

Anybody Down To Doubt Me

Understand They Just Same Haters

Hope They Remember What They Wish 

About I Won't Make It 

Only Cause I Strive For Greatness

And Just Focused On The Paper 

Anybody On The Defense 

Just Tell Them To Get Their Weight Up 

I'm Destined To Get My Cake Up

Better Do It Now Than Later 

I Understand

I'm A Little More Blessed Than Everybody Around Me 

I Understand

I Got Both Parents Around Just To Guide Me

Tough Times

Obama Said Yes We Can


For Every Set Back It's A Plan

Know That God Got Me

And To My Little Brother & Sister

I Do This For Yall

And All My Little Cousins

That Need Some Encouragement To Ball

No I'm Not KD, Kobe, Curry, Or Bron Bron At All

I Just Want The Most Out Of Life

And Indeed I Shall

 - B L A S E B A L W A Y S 

This poem is about: 
My family


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