Go Home

Sometimes I forget to scrub away my guiltFor not looking back at my flag and waving in return.Mama says go home and eat;Talk and sleep and dance on the crossroad.I need to go home and remember who I amAs I stroll along the sun-colored street.The people here say “leave and stay gone”But all I do is smile and hang on To a history that’s not mine.The two black arrows have come to pointThe two green arrows stand by their sideAnd I am held down by golden chains. They want me to come home.They want me to watch the hummingbirdsAnd taste the sweet colors of my culture.Yet again, I escape the people,Running like their champion,But I forget to scrub away the guiltOf knowing who I am.I look in the mirror to see the green and black And burning bright yellowScorched on my face.I forgot to scrub away their touchI’ve been branded, I was born stained.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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