Go Forth And Create


United States
40° 35' 20.2776" N, 105° 8' 15.3276" W

Children raised to rape and plunder
Fallen from grace, and it's no wonder
We've brought about a mighty thunder
Created a beast to take us under

Confused in the head, forced to fight
Deceived to believe that might makes right
But who gave us eyes with no power of sight?
Who dealt us shadows where it once was light?

It's not a matter of who is to blame
But the way we waste, we should be ashamed
It's not enough to say it's rules of the game
Lord knows there are millions who feel the same

But who feel disempowered by a scattered flock
Who watch the evening news for their fix of shock
Who unknowingly hide the keys to their lock
And let their hearts turn to solid rock

But I say to you, it's not too hard to reach
Deep within your heart and pull off the leech
And to stand tall with unwavering speech
Don't give men fish, go out and teach!

Raise your mast and sail towards love
Give praise to the sun and sky up above
Fit into life like a hand in a glove
None can do it for you, but they can give you a shove

Open your mind to the cosmic grace
Drop on out of the silly rat race
Take a moment to find your own true pace
Don't be afraid to show your true face

The moment is now, don't make haste
The moment is now, to rise form the waste
The moment is now, to find your place
The moment is now, go forth and create!


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