Go Between

Wed, 11/15/2017 - 16:01 -- Saffyre

When you hear go between what do you picture?
Do you see person delivering messages between two people?
Do you see a spot where you stop in between here and there?
I see someone delivering messages between two angry people.
I see someone running back and forth.
Someone constantly pressured to see who she shows favor towards.
Someone who dosen’t like this job.
Someone who never wanted the role to begin with.
Someone who is desperately trying to fix things.
Even when no one else will try harder.
Even if no one else will try at all.
Even if everyone else gives up.
Even if it hurts to breathe.
She is still there.
She is still running.
She still wants things to be ok.
She is still fighting.
I’ll never give up.
I won’t let them bring me down.
I try to find the neutral ground.
I try for my family, so it doesn't fall apart like the others.
She doesn't like to take breaks, it always hurts someone if she does.
She wants to find a way but her will is slowly breaking
She is running out of time to fix things. They just keep deteriorating.
She tries and tries but no one know how much she tries
Even if it all falls apart she’ll still try to pick up the pieces.
Even when she’s exhausted beyond belief.
Even when she feels like she can’t do anything, she will try.
Even when everyone is against her she will not stop trying.
Someone who refuses to give up even when no one notices the struggle.
Someone who never gives in.
Someone who wants the best for everyone.
Someone who is willing to give up their own happiness for the best of everyone.
I picture this.
I live this.
Do you think I like it like this?
Do you think I do this for me?

This poem is about: 
My family


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