I see a light.

A bright light.

But im not dying.

Or am i?

With all that i think and all that i do.

Did it ever mean anything to me?

Or even you?


It couldnt have.

It shouldnt.

But that light

I think its getting closer.

 My mind then rages on the tomented storm of a forgotten child,

Pushed higher and higher into the atmosphere.

Running out of oxygen.

My lungs collaps.

Intaking the surge of salt water my eyes pourd out.

Then i hear a buzz.

 Not like a bee.

 But like a warning.

As if i didnt heed,

Id die.

That light.

Its getting closer.

I see it now.

As the clouds begin to disapate behind the starpericed sky.

But that light.

It isnt even a light.

Its a little girl.

Lost in a tunnel

With a glowstick.

Thats about to die out.


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