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He’s going for glory.
She brought glory to her name.
Is our definition of glory becoming fame?
We use the term so loosely, like it’s another conjunction,
Yes it’s a noun, it’s a verb, and sometimes and interjection.
Honestly, do we even know what it means?
Listen to me, the word is a lot more than it seems.
Knowing what it means and acting it out are not at all the same.
Who cares if you can tell me from what country the word glory came,
Because of your seven-year English degree?
It doesn't matter if you’re not bringing it to the One Who died on the tree.
So let’s get the words straight before we really make a mess
Glory can mean great beauty and splendor – magnificence.
The dictionary says “the glory that was Greece.”
But hang on there, let’s remember our 6th grade English teach.
She taught you that “was” is past, it happened, it’s no more.
Yes He was in the past, but He’s here and always will be.
Is this enough for us to stop wanting glory for “me?”
Because if it’s not, then we are everything but beautiful.
Living for yourself is ugly – full of sin, and the Bible says shame comes with being prideful.
But we don’t care, because getting glory means that people like us.
“Last name ever. First name Greatest.”
Not exactly, bro, no not even close.
You think you know glory, but let me give you another dose.
Glory is thanks, praise, and honor.
It’s living to glorify Jesus, your blood donor.
Because He laid down His life and became your sin
And you’re right, with Him, all we do is “Win, win, win.”
But that’s not the context you were thinking when you wrote this song.
It was written how all of us think – full of ourselves and all wrong.
Now don’t think that I’m saying I’m perfect, because I’m not at all.
The population of the world doesn’t have enough fingers to count the times I fall.
I’m just sick of thinking that we actually have glory,
Like we are controlling our own story.
We jump around earthly things, finding whatever can please us,
Without ever thinking if we are doing it for Jesus.
We need to stop trying to bring ourselves fame,
And start living for the glory of His blessed name.


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