Global Village

DDDD o DO you understand me?

the spiritually ill is the physically ill.

settle settle settle

build up this tent of mine

set this commuinal fire to let it shine.

start a forset fire. Boom..

trees crash, tribes run.

Sick to the core, not loved just fucked.

Slit the brain split.

Chant at the bestfriend you left behind, right eye.

You can't hear me because you didn't see me

OOOhh Oh water soul bird won't you fly into my reckon.

Make me feel again. Make me want again.

Be careful what you wish for, water soul bird.

The harsh sharp whips of your wings cut the feathers of my angel back wings.

GgGGGggg oo Go to dancing beats put the X's on my wrists let them perverts know im young. 

Stare at me with longing, call me beautiful to your convience, 

loud loud loud loud, it was. 

I didn't hear, I didn't see, all I saw was the love of my life yell at me. 

at to which at what i responded. 

Take men from boys, Take couples from love, Take the hsuband from the home, 

take the prince from his dome. 

War war wwa awar war worshiped by mainy at the pleading generosity of man kind, loving me.

pursed lips on my hands, sweet patience for my actions, soft coddles from my tiny despair.

So does the world finally reconginze how well connected we are. 

Down down down down the block is new york and up the street is Africa

dum du dum du dum is the sound the beats our neighbors play. 

we yell united but we play with words more than the action figures of the dictionary.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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