Flowers bloom, afternoon aroma is so awesome

Makes you awestruck when you bite into the fruits that blossom

Leaning purple petals in the meadows of the sanctuary

Slowly sipping azure aqua out the flowing estuary

Meadows hold the beauty that provide thy with such sanctity

Yield the purest air that you can ventilate so thankfully

Unpermitted toxic sinning in such places is forbidden

It's too late! the smog consumes the vegatitation and the village

Pillage plunder under thunder dark black smoke upon thy freckles

Only thing that's left in life is tainted ground and empty vessels


The ball of rock is fortunate enough to have survived the plunder

Now exists inside the orb a need for vengeance and destruction

Time did pass and preparation was a daily maschoshim

Waiting for the day it would enact an equal cataclysm


Rain drops

Broken flood mops

Ice caps cry as the heat rise

Polar eyes twinkle in the dead skies

We can fix with a quick flick of tthe switch with our wrist

We can fix with the kinda of clean that the Tesla is


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Our world
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