A Glitch In The System

They tell me that I can be anything I want to be and desire to be 

From when I was a child I was told the sky was the limit

But as I grew up I started to understand that what I was being told was not the truth

There was a system that was created to keep us, black males, in chains and shackles

The system wants us to not graduate high school

They want us to drop out and sell drugs 

They wants us to be locked up

To not be able to take care of our kids 

And turn around and call us dead beats

They want us to not be successful 

They want us to entertain them for free 

Make a fool of ourselves

They stereotype us saying if you dont play sports you must sell drugs

We are born just to be put into the system

When the system starts to fail and not meet their quota, They find ways to met it

By killing us and lying on us to get us taken away

But I will not go through the system

I will beat the system and cause it to glitch 

They will try to fix the glitch but it is already too late 

I am too far gone

Me vs. The System 

I have won and will tell others the key to causing the system to glitch




This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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