A Glimpse of My Sight in Haiku

Budding new dreamer

Beyond imagination

Artist's beginning


Autumn's Falling leaves

Warm scents on cooling breezes

Asleep once again


Slumbering shadows

Day's reprieve from darkened worlds

Bright lights reveal us


Early dying lights

Evening whispers of delight

The setting sun sleeps


We just stop breathing

Oblivion is welcome

Tomorrow still comes


Bleeding wrists lie stil

Scarlet letters tell lost tales

Just tired broken words


Encouragement sounds

Thoughts of future decisions

Frightening, unsure


Hope glimmers faintly

A guiding beacon in the dark

Showing us the way


Witness' burden

Guilty conscious gnaws at them

Choose, to tell or not


A sheltered judgement

Based on a singular view

Biased and unfair


Shattered perspective

The world through the "bad guy's" eyes

Still no different


Tired of the pain

Sick of being victimized

Pathetic and weak


The clock's ticking beat

Just cold and steady rhythms

A heart's replacement


Illness creeps closer

The body begins to fail

Weakened, pathetic


Miserable life

One full of sickness and pain

Death gives a reprieve


Corruption supreme

Fingers clutching at some dream

Clawing their way up


Rattling of chains

Slave to the pleasure of man

Silken chafing cuffs


Fought a lost battle

Determined to see it through

Knowing the result


Intentions are pure

If not always right

Decidedly true


The fickle marksman

His eye strayed by a faint light

A fleeting target


Whispered to the leaves

Searching for a lover lost

A mourning wind's song


Both lost and given

There is a part of ourselves

In all that we do


Warned of times to come

Yet ignorant of the cause

Thus we seek our fate


When intelligence,

a life-long goal to strive for,

Is a state of mind


The race against time

Always a moment too late

or far too early


Uncalled for guilt trips

Means we were willing to use

To gain our martyr


Regretting my part

In injuries that were dealt

In the scars we placed


Wander hallowed halls

An educated folly

Ignorance is bliss


Step by step taken

Straying and forsaken

Sinner's stolen path


With dual goodbyes

Two seperate hearts will stop

A single, shared soul


Broken foundations

losing the  last of my mind

Craking at the seams


With masks and make-up

Life is the main attraction

All the world a stage



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