Gleot Froad


Thus I warn thee children of here after
For the aqua rush of years past
Shall bring back memories
That none will last

From here I watch with pure distress
Do not try for thine caress
For I cannot control God’s will
To wipe out all that’s foul and ill

Evils come from lady of seeds
Who did not follow all God’s heeds
He gave thee once, He gave thee twice
Thrice the time of all sacrifice

Hollow tunnels of pure liquid blue
Give thee all that’s fair and true
A place to be when thee shall end
And here they lay beyond no mend

Their skulls lie above Hades bounds
A thrashing wail of tern sounds
Along a coast towers of light fall
And send their rays beyond God’s call

Upon the puffs up in the night
Shine in front of Caelos light
Dulcimers play and jealousy flails
From Lords pores comes thunder and hail

A parched plains is all that stands
After hells roots spread throughout the land
Taking down all that’s kind and true
Never knowing what was of you


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