The Glass Coffin


Once upon a time,

 a wandering prince traveled through a dark forest.

Branches creaked in the still night air

glowing eyes watched from the shadows

and in the distance,

a wolf howled

but the prince was not afraid.


He walked until he came to a clearing

where the dim moonlight

revealed a coffin made of glass

and the girl inside.

She was beautiful.



but unmistakably dead.

Her skin was drained of all color,

her body stiff and motionless.

Preserved like a hunter’s prized kill

or a family’s once beloved pet,

 now mounted and placed on display.


The prince lifted the coffin’s lid.

He bent over the corpse,

pressing his mouth to hers.

When he pulled away,

The dead girl opened her eyes and smiled.


She licked her lips,

the blood from the prince’s kiss

still warm on her tongue.

He offered her his hand,

and she took it,

rising from her coffin with unnatural grace.

Together, they vanished into the night.


Snow White was awake,

and she was hungry.

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