Glass and Sticky Note

I didn’t recognize you when I first saw you

and I should have

with all the pieces of you I tucked away in  my novels,

transfixed myself with through the glow of the television,

observed in malls and parks and at the movies,

I even misrecognized you sometimes

Swearing it was you, believing it so completely sometimes it took years to realize my misconception

I prayed for you a lot, sometimes for you to hurry up or sometimes that you were happy, wherever you were

Sometimes I prayed for you under another’s name,

But only when I saw your glow in another’s eyes

I’m not proud when I admit this,

But I even doubted your existence, for awhile

Yes I knew you in fragments and in broken glass but my vision had become so bad and I had lost all my pieces of you

So eventually I stopped looking

I wasn’t looking when I first saw you

On bended knee my hands in yours,

your lips forming the lines of “my love”,

I still couldn’t hear your sigh over the roar of should be’s, and

Yes, I was that oblivious

I didn’t recognize you when I first saw you

But when the kiss happened

-you know the one I’m talking about

I woke up to find all my glass pieces intact

And a mirror lying on my bed

Sticky note stuck to the glass, scribbled in black ink

You’re welcome. 




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