Give Us a Chance


You have an opportunity to be so great,

To make your students have a passion for what you believe to be important.

Yet, how can I be passionate about something,

Something, you seem to know nothing about.

On the first day of school,

You showed your true colors.

Instead of being welcoming and kind.

You were so cold and callous.

Give us a chance.

You could make us soar to new heights,

Inspiring us to be better people than we believe ourselves to be.

Do you even understand how much potential you have,

No, you can’t see anything past your pride.

You believe that you are preparing us for the future,

Due to the fact that it is a cold, heartless world.

But I have not seen this to be true.

I see a lot of hurt, but people loving others through the pain.

Try to open your eyes, we are the future generation.

We have the opportunity to be everything,

Everything you hope for in humanity.

Give us a chance.

Help us understand your passion and joy.

Give us your heart and we will return the favor.


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