Give me that Ball 

Sun, 08/16/2015 - 20:09 -- BriggsR

Give me that Ball


My orange and black isn’t a Netflix show or Halloween themes

NO - Here’s what my orange and black means

Jordan shorts and definitely no jeans

It’s time to swoosh, dribble, pass, dunk and score

As soon as I leave the locker room door

I hear the cheer and roar of the hometown crowd

I concentrate and block out all of my opponents

I breathe slowly – nothing here is a chore

I only see the court floor

My heart is beating loud

It’s time to take it to the hole

That round ball is going in the net

Watch it close, watch it roll

I’m keeping my cool, keeping my wits

Tonight I’m avoiding bricks and shooting buckets

Rebounds are what we need

Oh, but don’t forget passing, three-pointers and speed

It’s basketball, basketball, basketball

I bleed

Playing proud, tryin’ to stand tall

Without this sport

I’d be nothing at all

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