Give that I will
Give that I must

They let me walk
They let me run
But I'm forced to crawl while they have fun

They take my keep
They make me weak
They give demands
I don't comprehend

I am not theirs
But they produce me?
They are not charming
But they seduce me?

I don't comprehend

I am not puny
I am not dumb
I am not senseless
But this war is already won

I am their thoughts
They took my choice
But if I kiss their shoes
Will they give me my voice?

I am not savage
I am not greedy
I only ask for equal identity

Take a look
Here I am
Out of the shadows and terribly bland,
To their eyes I am petty
But I get their jobs done
To their eyes I am nothing
But the face of a middleman.



I hope that this poem touches somebody.

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