Girls Situation

This goes out to you ladies, for you young ones

So you felt something special, now your all grown 

Lets see.. This is what happens, soon you'll find out how love plays out.


He said im coming home, be there by 5

Still alone, taking his time

See i've got things on my mind

I ain't had my period for a long time

Could it be, is it true

How is it possible, can it possible

I ain't one to break a promise, said i'd love you from the start

Now i'm out here feeling stuck, 

Explaining how it all happened, i love you

I ain't hear the same words again

He said, im tierd of your love

It just ain't been same, so you've been playing all these games

How you've been with my best friend

You've been away, same rouf, same home

Yet you've been distant

Last night, we´ve had a long day

Argued how. 

we gonna make it out, im sreaming now

damm i cant belive im pregnat now

only sixteen, didnt even live up to being a teen

told me to live young i didnt know what they mean

now im standing alone, with my own weakness

i dont wish this upon anyone, fell in love so young

now im left hear all alone, just know

ill take loyaly ove love any day

you see people can say i love you and still desert you 

loyalty is being honest

words being taken for action


know your worth, you beautiful

just the way you are

see a star and you 

cant tell them apart

dont throw yourself under the table

go into a relationship thats stable..


this is for the young laidies, your worth is more 

than you think, dont let a man make you feel special,

for you are special for what you are.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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