As a girls' name.

The night is clear
as the day draws near.
Lost and alone on this unsettled ship.
Up in the sky I see a lonely star;
oh how it seems to guide me afar.
I gaze to the star one of millions;
to lead me onward to my home.

She keeps me sane
in this messed up brain.
She shows me the way
no matter what time of day
to lead me onward to my home.

She is the light of my life
even when I am in strife
the light on the shore to guide me.
When that light goes out
I fall into doubt.
Wondering when I will be able to see
When will I see
She's the lighthouse leading me
onward to my home.

Without her I'd crash
and be lost in the dash.
Thinking about what went wrong.
Asking how my ship was plundered
with the dirt I soon would be under.
Lead me onward to my home.

This poem is about: 
My community


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