A Girl's Hateful Thoughts

"A bullet has his name on it yet he walks free, A rope had my name on it as it swung from a tree.

This man crushed my soul and made me the spiteful woman I am today, with no love or much of anything to say.

All I see is hatred when I'm reminded of him there is no light, and honestly how I act when I think of him fills me with fright.

I've never been like this but he's caused so much pain all I can do is hate, all because of that man I let into my life now I can never trust again not even to this exact date."

That's a girl who just had her heart stopped by an emotional bullet, by a man who just wanted to hit it and quit it.

Didn't see her for her beautiful personality, didn't notice her intellect, he skipped the formality and went straight to wanting sex.

Now she cuts herself off to the world to never feel that pain a second time, but the damage has already been done and now her and I can't have a first time.

A girl looking for love now feels like she's something worthless, all because of a man who she thought was worth it.

Those happy thoughts that people fell accustomed to are now nothing, only a hollow shell of her former self remains standing.

I wasn't there for her at the time but I'm here to try to mend her back together, because no girl should ever have to feel this under the weather.

Please lord give this girl the strength to feel again, her hateful thoughts are only powered by a selfish mans sin.

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