A Girls Fate

Sun, 03/11/2018 - 03:09 -- Pieu

And the saddest truth is
when she decided to move up
She ought to look back, where she was years ago
Though her feelings have changed
but she has no other way to go
It was the time for her to sacrifice
She agreed to go with d flow

Her heart cry,
I can't be d person I was
The girl replied
It's all the game of destiny
she has to turn back
to the life she left
to the place she never belong to
to the surface she never want
It was hard to accept,
But she decided to move

She looked back
Finds herself helpless
When she saw,
She is the only reason for the clouds of happiness to a little heart
She was stuck
She was bound
She has to accept
And she has to live
To the same path

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