A Girl's Dream

A girl always wants what she dreams.

The prettiest face in the hall,

The nicest clothes of all, 

And always more than what she seems.


The mirror is her biggest foe.

One day she is beautiful,

But then next she doesn't feel so plentiful.

It is all quite so.


A girl lies in bed creating fantasies of possibility and not.

She can dream of the futures of those with or without,

But she often thinks of the past and thinks of the present with doubt.

Are all thoughts nothing but a taunt? 


A girl's dream is a dangerous thing. 

All it takes is one simple dot of paint of society

To change her and bring her to reality.

She is then pulled along on a string.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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amen hallejuhah this poem is TRUTH

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